Balancing Valve

USC-MS21TB Water Balancing Valve 1-3.5L/min

USC-MS21TB direct-reading brass mechanical flowmeter balancing valve 1-3.5L / min BSP G3 / 4 * Female G1 / 2 DN20 * 15mmI. UseA flow meter (balance valve) directly indicating the flow rate can correct

  • Model: USC-MS21TB

USC-MS21TB Direct-Reading Brass Mechanical Flowmeter Balancing Valve 1-3.5L/Min BSP G3/4"* Female G1/2" DN20*DN15mm

I. Use

A flow meter (balance valve) directly indicating the flow rate can correctly determine the most appropriate efficiency of the system, help reduce energy waste, and quickly promote and permeate hot air and air conditioner loop. Suitable for water with anti-corrosion and anti-coagulation additives, hot water, cold water and water suitable for drinking.

II. Features

1. Accurate and fast balancing does not require picture format and measuring device.

2. The flow rate is directly displayed in L/min.

3. Use the adjustment scale to adjust the flow.

4. The range of connection is suitable for system requirements.

III. Technical parameters

1. Model: AV223.1208.000, AV223.1204.000

2. Maximum working temperature: 110 ℃

3. Maximum working pressure: 1Mpa (10bar)

4. Measurement range: 1-3.5L / min

5.Measurement accuracy: upper limit of measurement range ± 10%

6. Connection: import G3 / 4, export Rp1 / 2

7. Structure size: 80.5 × 27

8. Weight: 164g

IV. Installation and use

To ensure correct flow direction, the balancing valve must be vertical, horizontal, or parallel to the pipeline.

For flow measurement, adjust the screw to the required flow. Read the scale on which the float is located to measure the flow.

V. This product is designed and tested according to the standard of Switzerland (Switzerland) taconova AV23 Balancing valves SETTER lnline.