Temperature and Pressure Safety Valve

WYA-15 Brass Temperature and pressure safety valve

Temperature and pressure safety valve (WYA-20)This product is designed and tested according to the American National Standard ANSI Z21.22 RELIEF VALVE STANDARD.1、Purpose:Applicable to temperature and

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Temperature and pressure safety valve (WYA-15)

This product is designed and tested according to the American National Standard ANSI Z21.22 RELIEF VALVE STANDARD.


Applicable to temperature and pressure safety valves for pressure-bearing solar water heaters, electric water heaters, gas water heaters, fuel water heaters, heat pump water heaters and other hot water systems, with dual protection functions for temperature and pressure.

2、Working principle:

It does not rely on any external force and uses the force of the medium itself and the force generated by the thermal expansion of the temperature-sensing element to overcome the load of the spring to open the valve flap and discharge a rated amount of fluid to prevent the pressure and temperature from exceeding the rated safe value. When the pressure and temperature return to normal, the valve closes again and prevents the medium from flowing out.

3、Basic parameters:

3.1、Setting pressure Mpa: 0.1Mpa, 0.2Mpa, 0.3Mpa, 0.4Mpa, 0.5Mpa, 0.6Mpa, 0.7Mpa, 0.8Mpa, 0.9Mpa, 1.0Mpa.

0.1Mpa = 14.5PSI

0.2Mpa = 29PSI

0.3Mpa = 43.5PSI

0.4Mpa = 58PSI

0.5Mpa = 72.5PSI

0.6Mpa = 87PSI

0.7Mpa = 101PSI

0.8Mpa = 116PSI

0.9Mpa = 130.5PSI

1.0Mpa = 145PSI

Setting pressure deviation (tolerance) Mpa: + 5%, -10% of setting pressure;

3.2、Setting temperature ℃: The maximum setting temperature is 99 ℃, and the deviation (tolerance) is -5 ℃;

The remaining setting temperature deviation (tolerance) is ± 5 ℃

Note: The setting pressure and setting temperature can be determined according to the needs of the user.

Tips: Selecting temperature and pressure safety valves with different pressure values correctly

3.3、Model, water inlet, water outlet, shape (see the figure on the right), weight, rated heating value:

temperature and pressure safety valve

4、Installation and maintenance precautions (see direct top installation diagram and direct side installation diagram)

temperature and pressure safety valve

                                                               Direct top mounting                                            Direct side mounting

4.1、 The safety valve is suitable for installation on the top and sides of the water tank of the water heater. The temperature sensing element must be immersed in water within 152 mm (6 inches) from the top of the container.

4.2、The drain drain must be installed vertically below the drain pipe of the safety valve, with the water outlet of the safety valve facing downwards. Use a hard drain pipe with the same size as the diameter of the water outlet. In order to clearly observe the drainage water, the distance from the end of the drain pipe to the floor drain is greater than 152mm (6 inches).

4.3、Repair, adjustment and maintenance:

(1) The repair and adjustment of the valve shall be performed by the valve manufacturer, authorized representatives of the manufacturer, or directly trained personnel who have obtained the corresponding qualifications through professional top installation.

(2) The key spare parts used for repairing the safety valve shall be provided by the original manufacturer. If manufactured by an authorized agency, the technical requirements for the original part shall be met.

(3) It is required to keep clean in the hot water system to prevent dirt and scale.

(4) Special note for valve maintenance: The user must check the safety valve at least once a year. During the inspection, tilt the handle of the safety valve gently, and then close it gently when there is water flowing out. If no water flows out, the valve is invalid. At this time, the water heater should be turned off immediately and the pipeline personnel should be disposed of. Before operating the handle, check the drain pipe connected to the valve to ensure that the hot water discharged from the valve can be drained to an appropriate place to avoid being scalded by boiling water.

5、 Special Tips for Safety Valve Maintenance:

5.1、Anti-fouling and anti-fouling: Fouling will directly affect the normal function of the safety valve.

5.2. The drainage pipe connected to the drainage pipe should be in contact with the atmosphere, and should not be directly inserted into the sewer pipe to prevent the siphon from leaking pressure normally.

5.3. The drain pipe must be connected with a rigid water pipe that matches the drain port to ensure that it does not affect the normal operation of the valve.

5.4. There must be no valve or connection between the temperature and pressure safety valve and the water tank.

5.5. The temperature and pressure safety valve can be installed horizontally or vertically, but cannot be inverted to prevent the accumulation of impurities to affect the normal work.

5.6. The ground where the safety valve is installed should be leak-proof and the drain pipe should be freeze-proof and leak-proof to keep it clear to avoid damage to materials and personnel.

6. Warranty period: 12 months.

7、Material of main components:

Body: Brass GB / T 5231

Spring: stainless steel wire GB / T 24588

Seal: Silicone, maximum temperature resistance of 110 degrees